Learn Chinese with Fast Track Chinese


What is Fast Track Chinese?

Fast Track Chinese is a learning tool, which helps you learn Chinese by:

  • Providing learning material
  • Tracking your vocabulary
  • Providing quizzes for practice

How does it work?

Inside you will find learning material and vocabulary trainer tool. Learning material is designed to help you learn a core vocabulary and essential language constructs. Vocabulary trainer tracks your progress with quizzes and collects words that you have forgot for easy recap. For a quick overview of how Fast Track Chinese works, read How to Learn Chinese Quickly.

How is it different from other Chinese learning websites?

What makes Fast Track Chinese different from other online resources is our focus: to provide the best tool for vocabulary learning. Here are some distinguishing features of Fast Track Chinese:

  • Selecting new words to learn is based on word rank. Word rank is primarily based on how common the word is. Your ability to communicate will grow quickly since you can focus on the words that are used most often in everyday Chinese.
  • Quizzed words are selected to maximize your ability to retain what you have learned. We model your learning and quiz those words that are most in danger of being forgotten.
  • Learning material is designed for vocabulary learning. We focus on one word at a time, and show you different ways to use that word with other words that you already know. Connecting new words with your existing vocabulary not only helps you remember them, but also to make the best use of what you already know.
  • Simultaneous support for words that you know by pinyin, and words that you can read. You can tag individual words as "read" words, and Fast Track Chinese will no longer show pinyin for sentences that you should be able to read (based on your tagged words). You can start to practice reading with just a few words, while working with a larger vocabulary that you know by pinyin.
  • Convenience and sharing. Frequent practice dramatically improves your results. We have made sure that Fast Track Chinese works well with mobile phones and tablets, so that you can engage often, with whatever device you have available. You can also create custom quizzes (using tags) and share them with your friends or study group.

Is is free?

Fast Track Chinese is free for up to 100 word vocabulary. Subscribers get unlimited vocabulary and extra features. For more information, click here.

How to purchase or cancel a subscription?

You can purchase a subscription here. To cancel your subscription, login to Google Wallet, select "Subscriptions" and then "Cancel subscription".

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Contact information

Fast Track Chinese is owned by Jakisoft Oy. Contact us at support@fasttrackchinese.org. Also available from Jakisoft: Fast Track Thai.