Learn Chinese with Fast Track Chinese

Managing Words

About target words and known words

When a new word is added to your vocabulary, Fast Track Chinese marks it with a yellow check icon . These target words are favored in quizzes, until the tool detects that you know the word and marks it with a green icon . You can also manually mark words as known from word menu (see the help topic about Tags). If you later answer incorrectly when quizzed about a known word, that word is again marked as target word. To inspect your target words, click target words on Home page or Vocabulary Trainer (under the title "Your Vocabulary Contains").

Adding words to your vocabulary

You can add words to your vocabulary at several places. When take a chapter quiz, words in that chapter are automatically added to your vocabulary. There is also a Add To Vocabulary button in chapter menu. To add an individual word, use the word menu, available with button (see Tags for more information). To inspect your vocabulary and bulk add or remove words, go to Vocabulary Trainer and press Browse.

Due words and scheduled quizzes

After a word has been marked as known, Fast Track Chinese uses scheduled quizzes to make sure that you won't forget it. The first scheduled quiz is 1 day after the word was marked as known. If you answer correctly, then the next quiz is 6 days later, and after that the quiz interval increases exponentially. If you answer incorrectly, then the word is marked as target word, and the interval is reset (i.e. next scheduled quiz is 1 day after the word has again been marked as known).