Learn Chinese with Fast Track Chinese


Quizzes are available in chapter menu (for chapter words), and on Trainer page (for your whole vocabulary):

  • Chinese to English Quiz helps you recognize Chinese words. It is the most useful quiz to familiarize yourself with new words. This quiz has two types of questions:
    • Regular (translate a single word)
    • Sentence (identify missing word in a sentence)
  • English to Chinese Quiz helps you recall words when speaking. This quiz has three types of questions:
    • Regular
    • Sentence
    • Pronunciation (see "Pronunciation Quiz" below)
  • Quiz; the default quiz is a combination of Chinese to English and English to Chinese Quiz.

These additional quizzes are available for subscribers:

  • Audio Quiz is similar to Chinese to English Quiz, but the quizzed word is given in audio only. It will help you get started with listening comprehension skills. To turn on audio quiz, use the toggle button like the one shown at right.
  • Pronunciation Quiz is similar to English to Chinese Quiz, but you need to identify the quizzed word among similar sounding words. This quiz helps you learn the tone and pronunciation of the words in your vocabulary. To turn on pronunciation quiz, use the toggle button like the one shown at right.
  • Sentence Building Quiz is the hardest quiz. Here you need to build sentences using the words that you have learned. It's most useful when you already master at least a small vocabulary and want to practice using it to express yourself.

All quizzes support read set tag, i.e. you can hide pinyin for some words, or for all words (see Help Topics / Tags for more information).