Learn Chinese with Fast Track Chinese


About tags

Tags help you organize words. With tags you can create your own word lists, and then quiz just those words. Fast Track Chinese has two built-in tags, and you can also create your own tags.

Built-in tags: Bookmarks and Read Set

Bookmarks are meant for quickly marking words for later review. To bookmark a word, open word menu (click button), and select Bookmarks. When you see a little check icon in front of "Bookmarks" (as seen in the picture), that means that the word has been tagged with Bookmarks.

Read Set tag helps you learn to read gradually. When you tag a word with Read Set, Fast Track Chinese will no longer show you the pinyin when that word is quizzed. Also, when showing sentences, if all words in the sentence are in your Read Set, then pinyin is not shown. This way you can start to practice reading with just a handful of words and quickly identify sentences that you should be able to read. After you have learned to read well, you can hide pinyin by default for all sentences at Settings page (select pinyin: "hide").

Creating tags

To create your own tag, open word menu (show at right), and click "Tags". In the next screen, enter a name for the tag and click "Add". Now you have created a new tag.

Sharing tags

Tags can also be shared. As an example here is tag for a collection of fruits: Fruits (click to open). If you like it, you can add it to your tags by selecting "Add to My Tags" from tag menu (after clicking the link, click button and then "Add to My Tags".