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LE (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)
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(modal particle intensifying preceding clause) / (completed action marker)

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More Examples
Zěnme le?怎么What's the matter?
Xiàyǔ le.下雨It is raining.
lái le.I came.
zěnme le?怎么?What'd I do?
lái le!She's coming!
Tài duō le.That's too much.
Shǎole shénme?什么What is missing?
Míngbai le.明白I got it.
Kàn dào le.I saw it.
Tiānqì lěng le.天气The weather is cold now.
Zuótiān xiàyǔ le.昨天下雨It rained yesterday.
zǒu le.I'm outta here.
dào le.I came.
lǎo le.I'm old.
Xíng le.That's enough.
lèi le..I'm tired.
Chūzūchē dào le.出租车The taxi has arrived.
lèi le.I'm pooped.
Māo lǎo le.The cat is old.