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SHÉNME 什麼 what?
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what? / who? / something / anything



More Examples
Ài shì shénme?什麼What is love?
zuò shénme?什麼What are you doing?
zài kàn shénme?什麼What are you looking at?
mǎile shénme?什麼What did you buy?
zài zuò shénme?什麼What's she doing?
zài shuō shénme?什麼What're you saying?
huì zuò shénme?什麼What will you make?
xiǎng zuò shénme?什麼?What do you intend to do?
xiǎng yào shénme?什麼?What is it that you want?
wǎnshang zuò shénme?晚上什麼?What does she do in the evening?
bìxū chī shénme?必須什麼?What did you have to eat?