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ZUÒ to do
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to do / to make / to produce / to write / to compose / to act as / to engage in / to hold (a party) / to be / to become / to function (in some capacity) / to serve as / to be used for / to form (a bond or relationship) / to pretend / to feign / to act a part / to put on appearance

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zài zuò shénme?什么What are you doing?
zuòle shénme?什么What did you make?
Xiànzài zuò shénme?现在什么What is he doing now?
xiǎng zěnme zuò?怎么How do you do that?
Ràng zuò.Let me do that.
Zuò hǎo háizi!孩子Be a good child!
Wǒmen zìjǐ zuò de.我们自己We did it ourselves.
zhīdào zěnme zuò.知道怎么I know how to do it.
xiǎng zìjǐ zuò.自己I want to do it myself.
zìjǐ zuò de.自己I made it myself.
Tom huì zuò miàntiáo.Tom面条Tom knows how to cook spaghetti.
zìjǐ zuò ba!自己!Do it yourself!
kěyǐ zìjǐ zuò.可以自己I can do it by myself.
Yóu lái zuò..I'll see to it.
Tāngmǔ tóngyì zuò.汤姆同意Tom didn't agree to do it.
yīnggāi zìjǐ zuò.应该自己You must do it yourself.
Zuò xiǎng zuò de.Do whatever you want.
zhīdào zuò le.知道I know what he did.
xiǎoxīn de zuò.小心She did it carefully.
Nín jīntiān zuòle shénme?今天什么What have you done today?