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MA (question particle for "yes-no" questions)
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(question particle for "yes-no" questions)

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Shì ma?Is that so?
Xiàyǔ ma?下雨Is it raining?
zài ma?Are you there?
hǎo ma?How is it going?
Yǒu rén ma?Is anybody here?
shuìjiào ma?睡觉Are you sleeping?
kāfēi ma咖啡Do you drink coffee?
máng ma?Are you busy?
tóngyì ma?同意?Do you agree?
jìde ma?记得Do you remember?
ma?Won't you go?
Míngtiān gōngzuò ma?明天工作Is he working tomorrow?
shuìjiàole ma?睡觉Are you sleeping?
rènshi ma?认识Do you know me?
néng kàn ma?Can you see?
xiǎng chī ma?Do you want to eat?
zài jiā ma??Is she at home?
Zhè shì māo ma?Is that a cat?
rènshi ma?认识Does she know you?