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to drink
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to drink / My goodness!

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Xiǎng shénme?什么What do you want to drink?
kāfēi ma咖啡Do you drink coffee?
xiǎng shénme?什么What would you like to drink?
le shénme?什么What did you drink?
shuǐ.I don't drink water.
zài niúnǎi.牛奶I'm drinking milk.
kāfēi.咖啡I do not drink coffee.
Nín xiǎng shénme?什么What would you like to drink?
kāfēi.咖啡He doesn't drink coffee.
Shǎo diǎn píjiǔ!啤酒!Go easy on the beer!
xiǎng diǎn shénme.什么I would like something to drink.
Yǒu shénme de ma?什么Do you have any drinks?
yàole shuǐ .He asked for a drink of water.
tài duō píjiǔ.啤酒He drinks too much beer.
kāfēi le.咖啡I drank the coffee.
gāngcái zài niúnǎi.刚才牛奶I was drinking milk a moment ago.
shénme dōu xiǎng .什么I don't want anything to drink.