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DUŌ many
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many / much / often / a lot of / numerous / more / in excess / how (to what extent) / multi- / Taiwan pr. [duó] when it means "how"

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Tài duō le.That's too much.
duō gāo??How tall are you?
Yǒu hěn duō rén.There were lots of people.
duō le?How old are you?
shíjiān duō.时间I don't have much time.
yǒu duō gāo?How tall are you?
Yǒu duō kuān?How wide is it?
xiǎng tài duō le.I think you worry too much.
yǒu hěn duō shū.He has books galore.
yǒu hěn duō qián.I have a lot of money.
yǒu hěn duō péngyou.朋友I have many friends.
yào duō hěn duō.I want a lot more.
Qián tài duō le ma?Too much money?
Hěn duō rén rènshi .认识Very many people know him.
rènshi hěn duō rén.认识He knows a lot of people.
Bill yǒu hěn duō péngyou.Bill朋友Bill has many friends.
Nín yǒu hěn duō shū.You have many books.