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DUŌSHAO 多少 how much
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how much / how many / which (number) / as much as

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Duōshao píngguǒ?多少苹果How many apples?
yào duōshao?多少?How many does he want?
Zhè dōngxi duōshao qián?东西多少How much does this cost?
yǒu duōshao péngyou?多少朋友How many friends do you have?
Zhè yào duōshao qián?多少How much will it cost?
Yǒu duōshao zhǒng yánsè?多少颜色How many colors are there?
jiā yǒu duōshao rén?多少?How many people are there in your family?
yòng duōshao táng?多少How much sugar do you use?
qiàn nín duōshao?多少How much do I owe you?
Niǔyuē yǒu duōshao rénkǒu?纽约多少人口What is the population of New York?
yǒu duōshao zhāng CD?多少CDHow many CDs do you have?
zhuàn duōshao huā duōshao.多少多少She spends as much money as she earns.
Zhège duōshao?这个多少How much is it?