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big / huge / large / major / great / wide / deep / oldest / eldest / older (than) / greatly / very much / (dialect) father / father's elder or younger brother

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More Examples
hěn .It's very big.
jiā hěn .My house is big.
duō le?How old are you?
.She's older than him.
Tāngmǔ .汤姆Tom is bigger than me.
fēijī zhēn !飞机How huge that airship is!
Māma bàba ,妈妈爸爸,Mom is older than Dad.
tài le.It's too big.
Shìchǎng hěn .市场The market is big.
shì hěn de.That's very big.
Ken de gǒu hěn .KenKen's dog is very big.
yǒu tiáo gǒu.I have a big dog.
Yīnwèi tài le.因为It's because it's too big.
rènwéi duō ?认为How old do you think she is?
yéye duō le?爷爷How old is your grandfather?
gēn yīyàng .一样You and me are the same age.
de sháozi gèng !勺子My spoon is bigger!
yǒu jiātíng.家庭He has a big family.