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HǍO good
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good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of an unmarried couple) to be close / to be keen on each other

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More Examples
Xiàwǔ hǎo.下午Good afternoon.
Zhēn hǎo!Great!
Zhè hǎo.This isn't good.
hǎo ma?How is it going?
Hǎo wèntí.问题Good question!
Dàjiā hǎo!大家Hi, everybody!
hěn hǎo.I'm fine.
hǎo lèi.I'm so tired.
Xiǎng de hǎo!!Good thinking!
shì hǎo rén.I'm a nice guy.
Wèn de hǎo.Good question!
Hǎo kěxī.可惜What a shame.
Duì hǎo diǎn.Be nice to her.
hǎo le.I'm all washed up.
hěn hǎo..I'm fine too.
hǎo.I'm better than him.
Hěn hǎo, xièxie.谢谢Fine, thanks.
hǎo, zěnmeyàng?怎么样Good day, how are you?