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ZĚNME 怎麼 how?
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how? / what? / why?



More Examples
Zěnme le?怎麼What's the matter?
zěnme zhīdào?怎麼知道?How should I know?
zěnme méiyǒu lái?怎麼沒有Why didn't you come?
Tóufa xiǎng zěnme nòng?頭髮怎麼How would you like your hair done?
de gǒu zěnme le?怎麼What has become of your dog?
shì zěnme zhīdào de?怎麼知道How did you come to know it?
zěnme niàn de míngzi?怎麼名字How do you pronounce your name?
shì zěnme rènshi de?怎麼認識How did you come to know her?
zěnme méi lái?怎麼What prevented him from coming?
zěnme guò xīnnián?怎麼新年How do you spend the New Year?
Nín zěnme kàn zhège wèntí?怎麼這個問題How do you view this matter?
de chēzi zěnme le?車子怎麼?What is the matter with your car?
zěnme rènshi Mǎlì de?怎麼認識瑪麗How did you get to know Mary?