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MÉIYǑU 沒有 haven't
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haven't / hasn't / doesn't exist / to not have / to not be



More Examples
Méiyǒu.沒有I don't have it.
Méiyǒu wèntí.沒有問題There are no problems.
Méiyǒu yǐzi zuò.沒有椅子There's no chair to sit upon.
méiyǒu háizi.沒有孩子He doesn't have any children.
méiyǒu piào.沒有I don't have a ticket.
Ān méiyǒu mèimei.沒有妹妹Ann doesn't have a sister.
, méiyǒu., 沒有No, I don't have it.
láile méiyǒu?沒有Has he come yet?
méiyǒu huídá.沒有回答She didn't answer.
Méiyǒu rén zài jiā.沒有There wasn't anybody in the house.
méiyǒu qián ma?沒有Don't you have any money?
zěnme méiyǒu lái?怎麼沒有Why didn't you come?
méiyǒu gāo.沒有I'm not as tall as you.
méiyǒu zuò cuò.沒有He did nothing wrong.
Méiyǒu shíjiān làngfèi.沒有時間浪費There is no time to be lost.