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DIǍN o'clock
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o'clock / point / dot / drop / speck / point (in space or time) / to draw a dot / to check on a list / to choose / to order (food in a restaurant) / to touch briefly / to hint / to light / to ignite / to pour a liquid drop by drop / (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch 更 gēng / dot stroke in Chinese characters / classifier for items

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Rènzhēn diǎn.认真Get serious.
Duì hǎo diǎn.Be nice to her.
Yǐjīng 9 diǎn le.已经9It's already nine o'clock.
3 diǎn bàn le.3It's 3:30.
Shǎo diǎn píjiǔ!啤酒!Go easy on the beer!
Chàbuduō liù diǎn le.差不多It's almost six o'clock.
shuō jiǔ diǎn le.He said that it was nine o'clock.
xiǎng chī diǎn dōngxi.东西I'd like something to eat.
xiǎng diǎn shénme.什么I would like something to drink.
yǒu diǎn shíjiān ma?时间Do you have some time?
chī diǎn dōngxi ba?东西Shall we go and eat?
yào diǎn cài ma?Would you like to order?
Yǐjīng shì 11 diǎn le.已经11It's already 11.
diǎn shuǐ lái.Go get some water.
liù diǎn qǐchuáng ma?起床Do you get up at six?