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KÀN to see
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to see / to look at / to read / to watch / to visit / to call on / to consider / to regard as / to look after / to treat (an illness) / to depend on / to feel (that) / (after verb) to give it a try / Watch out! (for a danger)

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kàn .She looked at me.
kàn diànshì.电视I watch television.
Kàn dào le.I saw it.
Kàn diànshì ba.电视Let's watch TV.
néng kàn ma?Can you see?
Kàn zhè běn shū.Read this book.
zài kàn diànshì.电视He is watching TV.
xǐhuan kàn bàozhǐ.喜欢报纸He likes to read newspapers.
Māo kànzhe .The cat is watching the fish.
gāoxìng kàn diànshì.高兴电视I don't feel like watching TV.
Nín zài nǎr kàn diànshì?哪儿电视Where do you watch television?
yào kàn diànyǐng.电影I want to go to see a movie.
kàn yīnggāi.应该I don't think you ought to.
Tom zuótiān kànle diànshì.Tom昨天电视Tom watched TV yesterday.
tài kàn bàozhǐ.报纸I don't really read newspapers.