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TĪNG to listen
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to listen / to hear / to obey / a can (loanword from English "tin") / classifier for canned beverages

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tīng de.I heard you.
Bié tīng de.Don't listen to her.
Wǒmen xǐhuan tīng yīnyuè.我們喜歡音樂We enjoyed listening to the music.
Sūshān xǐhuan tīng yīnyuè.蘇珊喜歡音樂Susan enjoys listening to music.
zhèngzài tīng yīnyuè.正在音樂He was listening to music.
xǐhuan tīng guǎngbō.喜歡廣播He likes to listen to the radio.
Méiyǒu rén tīng de.沒有No one listened to me.
tīng tài qīngchu.清楚I can't hear very well.
xǐhuan tīng shōuyīnjī.喜歡收音機He likes to listen to the radio.
zài tīng shōuyīnjī.收音機I'm listening to the radio.
Méiyǒu rén huì tīng shuō.沒有Nobody would listen to me.
Bié shuōhuà, tīng shuō.說話Stop talking and listen to me.
de yìjiàn zhíde tīng.意見值得His opinions aren't worth listening to.
Tāmen zài tīng shōuyīnjī.他們收音機They were listening to the radio.
bùhuì tīng de.不會He will not listen to me.