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RÈNSHI 认识 to know
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to know / to recognize / to be familiar with / to get acquainted with sb / knowledge / understanding / awareness / cognition



More Examples
Wǒmen rènshi.我们认识We don't know him.
rènshi ma?认识Do you know me?
Wǒmen rènshi .我们认识We don't know him.
rènshi ma?认识?Do you know him?
Hěn gāoxìng rènshi .高兴认识It's nice meeting you.
Rènshi nín hěn gāoxìng.认识高兴I'm very happy to meet you.
Yǒu méiyǒu rén rènshi Florence?没有认识FlorenceAnybody knows who Florence is?
Hěn duō rén rènshi .认识Very many people know him.
rènshi hěn duō rén.认识He knows a lot of people.
yào rènshi jiějie.认识姐姐I'd like to meet your older sister.
Tom rènshi rènhé rén.Tom认识任何Tom didn't know anyone.
shì zěnme rènshi de?怎么认识How did you get to know him?
rènshi liǎng nián le.认识I have known her for two years.