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Enter a word or sentence in English or Chinese. You can also enter a single word in pinyin.

Example InputOperation
咱们吃个西瓜吧Translate sentence to English.
I like pancakesTranslate sentence to Chinese.
Finds word "人" from dictionary.
人*Finds words that start with "人".
*人Finds words that end with "人".
*人*Finds words that contain "人", e.g. "主人" and "事在人为".
countryFinds words with a translation that contains the word "country".
*country*Words with a translation that contains "country", e.g. "countryside" or "foreign country".
maFinds "吗 ma", "马 mǎ", "骂 mà", etc. (tone-insensitive pinyin match).
like:maFinds words that sound similar to "ma".